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Insurance Partner

The Hollard Insurance Company
Hollard is a large, privately-owned insurance business and are ideally positioned to be agile and entrepreneurial. Their business philosophy is founded on truly investing in and partnering with brands, brand partners and underwriting agencies for the long-term. Our ability to innovate quickly is helped by the fact we are not bound by short-term shareholder returns, nor old, unwieldy legacy systems. Our entrepreneurial approach means we are able to respond quickly to market needs.

Our relationship with ATL is built on long term trust, with steady growth and strong underwriting skills along creating innovative, well-priced products to meet the market’s needs. ATL is able to attract the right people and brokers partners who are experts in their niche and who really care about their business and their customers.

Hollard Insurance in Australia operates through The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, an APRA regulated insurance company. Hollard Australia started from humble beginnings in 1999 with current Chief Executive Officer Richard Enthoven. As a pioneer in the Australian market, the business was able to draw on the remarkable history of insurance innovation of Hollard in the South African market.

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