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Transport Operator Package

Transport Operator Package - Motor, Downtime, GIT (Carriers) and Liability

ATL is a niche underwriting agency, primarily focused on Transport Operators across Australia. As we have evolved over the years and built a sustainable business, we have built out our attractive transport package offering to the market. We provide downtime with the motor section and include Goods in Transit (Carriers) and Business Liability for the occupation of Transport Operators.


Our underwriting appetite is Owner Operator and SME style operators with less than 10 Trucks. Our product is available digitally to our Broker Partners via Sunrise and our pricing and appetite is geared to less than 10 Trucks with some experience as a Transport Operator.  

Underwriting expertise is available for more complex risks, but we do not offer fleet underwriting and our Sunrise Product only accepts a maximum of 10 Trucks.

ATL has historically always been a heavy motor underwriting agency, offering multiple occupations insurance cover outside of the Transport Package, with the other sections not being available to non-transport operations.


We focus our energy and expertise on the Owner Operator and SME Style Transport Operators who are serviced by Brokers and own a collection of Prime Movers, Heavy & Light Rigids (over 4.5T GVM) with trailers, a couple of UTE’s or Sedans. We provide Section 1 Motor cover for Mobile Plant and Earth Moving Equipment on our policy.

Our Transport Operator Package includes a variety of downtime options with the Motor section, Goods in Transit (Carriers) and Business Liability to cover the operations of a Transport Operator. Our non-owned trailer in control benefit of $100,000 is extended to all Prime Movers on the policy and covers individual trailers or combinations up to $100,000.

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