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Engage with our new CEO

Introducing our new CEO, Allan Smith.

Allan enjoys collecting vinyl records, fishing, his wine collection, a focus on fitness and travelling overseas (when possible) with his wife Trisch. As a born and bred Sandgroper he also loves visiting Perth and Margaret River in WA (when possible).

Did you also know that he has had a 30 year career in general insurance underwriting across sectors including professional indemnity, workers compensation, business insurance and commercial motor.

He is well travelled and has held senior management roles in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. With his most recent roles being for National Distribution and CEO at ATL Insurance.

His experience covers managing insurance teams, working with industry bodies and associations and working closely with intermediary partners small and large.

He believes in strongly supporting his team members, enabling the opportunity to learn and grow and help them achieve great things in their career.

‘It’s a moment of joy when one of your previous team members achieves a promotion or achieves great results, all of this also results in great outcomes for customers and our own business.’

Finding and growing new insurance people is also passion of his:

‘Some of the best team members I have seen have been recruited from other industries, including health insurance, banking, travel industry and other industries. At ATL we have people from a wide range of industries who are now kicking goals in the insurance industry.’

Allan has a strong tradition of working very closely with his broker partners and he looks forward to many future years working with current partners and meeting and building new partnerships at ATL as we expand our delivery network and develop greater digital and data related resources.

You can contact Allan on:

0437 431 223

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